Monday, February 05, 2007

Still living

It's amazing that anyone is still visiting this blog, considering how infrequently I've been updating it in recent months, but I'm still getting about a half dozen visitors a day. I think they arrive here by accident. But all is well in my world - here's a quick update:

  • I've now landed myself a permanent job,
    which is great because it brings me and Emily the security we need. One slight drawback is that I'm now doing a significant amount of commuting and have little time for blogging. I'm also using it as an opportunity to overcome my fear of public speaking.
  • Emily and I are now engaged !
    It should be interesting - a Humanist ceremony with a reading by a Zen nun and my brother's wife and daughters in their hijabs. Shall I wear my kilt?
  • Emily and I are planning to get a dog !
    A small one - either that or a rat...
  • The home improvements continue their steady plodding
    How long will it take?
  • I'm making good progress with my rakusu
    I was hoping to get Bodhisattva Ordination (a terribly grand name given in our organisation for 'taking the precepts') at Summer Sesshin this year, but it looks like this might be postponed again. We'd like to have a child within a couple of years so this might be the last chance we get for an exotic holiday in the Far East for a long time. After that there won't be any holiday time left for the 9 day retreat needed for ordination. It will just have to wait - my committment is in my heart. Maybe I'll start a kesa.
  • I just came back from another 3 day sesshin in Wales.
    Really enjoyed it. More responsibility this time - I was 'Service' outside the Dojo and 'Pillar' inside. Guy is a great teacher. I asked him a question:
    What is the difference between practicing Zen and practicing Zen as a Buddhist?
    His answer was that not only can Zen not be separated from Buddhism, but that all religion and all life was essentially Buddhism whether it goes by that name or not. I liked these lines he came up with:

    At the bottom of the ocean there are no waves
    There is only peace and unity

  • My understanding of Buddhism is less abstract and intellectual now and more real
    Don't have too much time for or interest in online debates of any sort.