Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Rosemary and the other more senior members of our Zen group are going off for a sesshin next week and I've been asked to lead the group next week. I'm a little nervous because I've not done any of it before. However, it's a good opportunity to learn new things and anyway, all the people who would notice if I slipped up will be away.


  1. Lovely opportunity to practice non-attachment! As soon as you worry about 'doing it right' you lose right mind.
    Don't forget, many of the patriarchs made an art of irreverence :)

  2. Yeah, well I'm toying with the idea of urinating on the Buddha as a demonstration of 'non-attachment' but I'd have to clean up myself so ... maybe not

  3. Well, phew...

    It went OK. Not too many people. And when I was doubtful I acted as if I knew exactky what i was doing anyway.