Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tick tock, tick tock...

Work goes on, it will start to run out soon then I'll need new contracts.

I had an idea that I'm working on to create an online animated character which users can interact with. I think I know how to do it: 3DS MAX, Swift 3D, Flash, AIML. If only I had time...

Had a half day of Zazen at the weekend. I'd like to get into the habit of sitting almost every day again. So many distractions. I've finally got around to sewing my rakusu again - Rosemary gave me a pattern to work to. Making reasonable progress now after a slow start.

We did some nice stone tiling in the kitchen. A good result even if we wasted a lot of money trying to chemically remove sealant residue when the only thing that worked was a scrubbing pad and a bit of hard work.

Still clearing the garden of old building materials left by the previous occupants and taking it to the waste centre. It's like the scene in The Great Escape where they remove small amounds of soil by smuggling it in their trousers. When can I start my Japanese garden? Saw two nice and reasonably priced 'stone' lanterns made of concrete. I went to the quarry yesterday and it looks like I can buy boulders and rockery rocks and have them delivered. Cotswold stone - white, yellow or red, yes I think red. Little white pebbles around the base like surf around islands.

We have tickets on Friday to see a Japanese production of Titus Andronicus in Stratford-on-Avon.

I'm working on a couple of substantial blog posts - one on the nature and applicabability of the concept of truth in Zen, and another one I've been trying to get out for ages on the Anthropic Principle. Watch this space...


  1. Hi Justin,
    you gonna post some before-and-after pics of your new home? Good to hear its all coming together...
    There's a new online community that you might enjoy, called Zaadz. It has a large contingent of Buddhists, and there are some great conversations going on.
    Stay well :)

  2. Well maybe I will- if I get around to it.

    Zaadz? I had a quick look. What is it really about - sharing ideas about making the world a better place?

  3. Not sure if it's 'about' anything. More like a networking tool, a way to meet like-minded people. But there's a chance it won't go anywhere. Lots of idealism, lots of romantisicm, also a hard core of intelligence and integrity. I like the people I've met there so far. It would probably only interest you if you like the idea of online community building ;)