Saturday, October 06, 2007

Excluding nothing

Inspired by Rosemary's taisho, I thought to myself 'exclude nothing'. Exclude nothing, not thoughts, not attempts to stop thoughts, not frustration, or will or ego or bad or samsara or pain or desire. Not even excluding things. If I try to 'include everything' my mind tries to reach out into nonself and contain it. Questions about whether I can include everything arise. But the negative, passive, process of not excluding anything calms my mind and opens it right up. My perspective is huge, without limits - self, nonself, past, present, future is all of one fabric. I had experienced samadhi before but never so completely, never with such complete scope. It was as if my sense of self penetrated into the rest of reality like a liquid being absorbed into tissue paper. There was nothing outside of this. Reality and/or my self felt absolutely whole.

But life goes on. I have a difficult ex-wife to deal with and I hear there's trouble in Burma.

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