Friday, December 23, 2005

David and Keith from Six Feet Under

Emily and I are both big fans of Six Feet Under - great storylines, superbly observed characters. When we watched of course there were certain characters that we each identified with. I tended to identify with Nate and still do, even though he's been acting like a bit of an idiot since Lisa died. But something which became increasingly obvious with time was the similarity of the relationship between David and Keith and our own relationship.

This brings us no end of amusement - partly because they are both men but mainly because of the sheer uncanniness of the similarities. Even the lines they use are the same. Even though I'm not a black gay ex-cop I *am* Keith and even though Emily isn't a white gay funeral director she *is* David.

I'll have to be careful what I say here because I'm bound to be biased but Keith tends to be straightforward, easy-going and practical, although sometimes a bit moody and emotionally closed. David is more emotional and neurotic, but hard-working and dedicated . The resulting dynamic is very similar to the one between Emily and myself. Even some of the lines are the same.

David lines:
"Now I walk around all the time feeling like everybody's gonna humiliate and murder me."

Keith lines:
"Let it go!"

There's a scene where David arrives home planning to eat with Keith. Keith is sitting watching TV with an empty pizza box in front of him with a guilty expression on his face. That's a familiar scene.

Although sometimes they seem very different and although they have fights, they love each other very much and their relationship is actually the most sucessful and lasting in the show. Just like them, Emily and I have our fights but we adore each other and we have a great relationship.

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