Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Atomic dream

I had a dream last night I really wish I'd made a point of recalling, for now I only have fragments and images. A TV appearance of a person with a second, incompletely developed head behind the first one; an escape journey from an atomic explosion with my son across a very long bridge in the countryside; a real meeting with someone with a second head growing behind the first - it's big blue eyes darting around like a frightened animal.

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  1. Hi justin.
    Yah, enjoying all the posts. Keep it going.
    I wondered, as an 'armchair philosopher' what you thought about the emerging philosophy of 'transhumanism'.
    As I understand it, their major beliefs/ hopes are that humans can overcome the shackles, and the suffering that they have had to put up with for millenia, and thus be truly free.
    This would be accomplished through the use of science; genetic engineering, for example could allow us to live for thousands of years.
    Is this, do you think, just another form of christianity in a kind of scientific guise - the idea that we can detach ourselves from nature, live forever, be free from pain etc etc. At the root of all this, it seems to me, is a belief in a central soul, or ego which desperately needs to survive in a world that is ever changing.
    But I don't know. A lot of their desires and thoughts are frankly scary. But I wondered what you - and others - thought about it?!
    Hit me back.
    Apparently there's a transhumanist geezer living in the house that Derek Parfit rents out in Oxford (some friends of mine used to live in it...)
    Best wishes,